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Thread: Milk Frog Setup - Questions

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    Default Milk Frog Setup - Questions

    I'm interested in getting some Milk Frogs and have heard of people doing very simple setups with just a few inches of water for the substrate. I know this would make it very easy for cleanup as water changes are easier than substrate changes. Does anyone know if this is viable and is there a "best way" of doing it?

    I'm also concerned about feeding time. Can I just throw the crickets into the water and will the frogs eat them if they're in the water?

    It may ultimately be best to just do a false bottom setup, but I wanted to explore this option first. Thanks!

    P.S - I'm doing this in a 20 gallon high aquarium with screen lid.

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    Default Re: Milk Frog Setup - Questions

    i've heard of it for quite a few different frogs. you basically would build everything above the water as you would normally, but there's no substrate at all. just water. no, crickets will drown, your frogs will end up with nothing to eat. i would imagine those who keep their frogs this way use a bowl to feed and probably have an area for the bowl built into their background somehow.

    you're probably best off doing a conventional tank, that's the safest route
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