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Thread: Axolotl tank cleaning

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    Question Axolotl tank cleaning

    Is there some kind of fish or something that I can keep in a tank with an Axolotl that eats algae

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    From what the breeder told me they will eat anything that will fit in their mouths.

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    Default Re: Axolotl tank cleaning

    Sorry to say no as far as I know

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    Default Axolotl tank cleaning

    What is your tank setup like? I don't own an axolotl but I've done plenty of research on them, so don't take my word for it. If you have live plants or a dusty substrate, or if you are feeding a relatively messy food this could be contributing to the algae. And yes as far as I know, don't put fish in there or they will be eaten!

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    You might as well buy a couple of mollies or guppies and let them do the cleaning. Hopefully they can clear out some algae before they become food.

    I know there fish safe algae-killing water additives out there but i don't know if they safe for axxies..

    Good luck!

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    Algae can grow quickly in an axie tank! Don't overfeed and do regular water changes to keep everything clean and healthy.
    Definitely do not use any additives in the water for algae, or add any algae eaters. As others have said, they will quickly become food! Also, if a pleco was eaten by an axolotl, it's sharp spines can actually pierce the insides of the axie.
    After properly quarantining guppies or white cloud mountain minnows, you could add a few to liven it up until they are eaten. Just be wary of the fact that some fish can nip at the gills of axolotls.

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    you should really not put anything in there besides other axies... fish can create problems even if eaten. ghost shrimp are okay and i've had small snails before but No fish are recommended.

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