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Thread: A.C.F. Dropsy?

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    I have 2 ACF one of them I think is sick I feel horrible because I don`t` know if he is in pain nor do I know what to do for her. Maybe there is nothing wrong & this is a stage? They are tamed with me hand feeding them & are comfortable being handled No not out of the water of course. But as my one is at the top quite often she allows me to hold her without tempting to swim off. I will do this right above the water line but still in the water. I will pet and rub her as I do always but she just does not seem to want to leave my hand, She has not eaten but sometimes I see her roaming around the bottom smelling for food. I am very confused. I thought I posted a topic on this but I can not find it. I will add some pictures. Another thing that I am curious about is they was dyed, & now that they are getting bigger they out grow the color. Now she used to be a bright green, And if you can see her discoloration is this a normName:  IMG_1105.JPG
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Size:  28.3 KBName:  IMG_1104.JPG
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Size:  34.8 KBName:  IMG_1121.JPG
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Size:  16.6 KBName:  IMG_1162.jpg
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Size:  46.0 KBName:  IMG_1140.JPG
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Size:  27.7 KBal color for that or is this a illness of some sort.

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    Default Re: A.C.F. Dropsy?

    Please answer the below questions to try and figure out what could cause swelling. Water quality information is very important. If you don't have test kits; suggest take a water sample in a plastic sandwich bag or similar to local pet shop for analysis. Good luck !

    “Trouble in the Frog Enclosure”

    The following information will be very helpful if provided when requesting assistance with either your frog or enclosure. To help with your questions, please utilize the below list and post the information in the proper forum area to get advice from FF members that keep the same frog. This will allow for little confusion and a faster more informed response.

    1. Tank Size and volume of water in it (full, 1/2 filled, etc.)?

    2. Number of inhabitants including all frogs and any fish?

    3. Water source and any conditioner treatments?

    4. Water Temperature and how is it heated (if so)?

    5. Water chemistry levels: pH; Ammonia (NH3); Nitrites (NO2); Nitrates (NO3)? Note that if you do not have test kits, most aquariums/pet shops will do complimentary tests if you take a clean water sample.

    6. Describe any filter system including model and media?[/COLOR]

    7. Substrate type?

    8. Tank set-up (plants (live or artificial), driftwood, hide outs and other decor? - How were things prepared prior to being put into the tank?

    9. Main frog staple food and any treats? How often you feed?

    10. CA, vitamins, and any other additives used (how often)?

    11. Lighting set-up and hours it's used?

    12. When is the last time frog ate?

    13. Have you found poop lately?

    14. A picture would be helpful including frog and tank (any including cell phone pics are fine).

    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area.

    16. How old is the frog?

    17. How long have you owned him/her?

    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred?

    19. Any medications in the water (treatment doses and for how long)?

    20. Any salt in water (how much)?

    21. Is the tank kept in a high or low traffic area?

    22. Describe tank maintenance to include water changes, cleaning, media changes, etc.).

    By Lynn(flybyferns), GrifTheGreat, and aquatic questions added by Carlos(Mentat)
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: A.C.F. Dropsy?

    Thanks for writing back I have a 30 gal. tall & keep about 2 inches down from top. I have 2 a.c.f, 3 giant danios,1 pleco,4 tetras, 2 tiger barbs. as for water testing I go regularly to my local pet shop if I don't have test here. I use aquarium salt when I do my water changes.I add the ammonia neutralizer once in a while, i use the stress zyme & have the stress coat that have been used. I keep it around 79 I have a submersible heater. my ammonia gets a little off once in a while but I fix it right away & I have had nitites a little high not to long ago & i have recently done a water change & plan on getting tested today. other then that the water is fine. I just bought a new filter but plan on buying a canister very soon. this one is a marineland bio wheel power filter 150, For up to 30 gal. The water flow is strong, I now have a water bottle cut & wrapped under the flow so it is more of a slower & quiet motion. I have live plants & gravel, 2 plastic hiding igloos, a car & a hollow crate I took the castle that I had in there out today. All is the same as when I bought them, However it does say they like new seeking s, so I move things around once in a while. as for there food. night crawlers, wax worms, I was feeding them rosey reds for a while & just realize that I should not feed them those. I am sooo mad because it was a girl at the pet shop who told me to. They do not eat floating food, they eat from my hand mainly or from the bottom of the tank. frozen blood worms & shrimp makes things to messy for the tank & id like to stay away from that. wishing they had that in a form to where i can just feed it to them and it not spread everywhere. I do not leave the light on long maybe 2 hours if that. I will put it on when I feed the fish & let it stay on a little while. I do not give them the frogs any type of vitamin or anything. last I seen her eat been about a week ago. She goes to the bottom and it seems like she is smelling for food so when I see her do that ill hold and or drop some food but she will not eat. I took out some aquarium water & her today and put in a 2 gal. square tank to see if she would eat. I figured it would be nice and quiet no fish. well i defrosted some frozen shrimp & put it in there. she did not touch it. I dropped in some fish food pellets she did not eat that either. I kept her in there about 10 min at the most then put her back in the tank. Yes I find poop but I have another frog & fish too. you ask for pictures, Do yo see the photos I posted or no? her changes are. she does not eat, she stays at the top of the water a lot more. she is bloated & today I noticed I think she is shedding. they both are 6 months old. I have had them both since they was tiny little things lol I bought them from pet supplies plus

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