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Thread: Pacman Frog is hard with eyes closed

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    Default Pacman Frog is hard with eyes closed

    I've had my pacman for a few months. It was fine last nighg. It ate about 4 crickets. I woke up this morning and it was all puffed up looking and it's eyes were closed and it wasn't moving. I then tried to touch it to see of it would react (Washed my hands very good before) And when I touched her, her skin was rock hard. So I put it in a shallow water bowl to see if it would help. I read that sometimes they do this and eventually shed their skin. Winter is just now happening here if that has to do with anything. Is my frog dead?

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    Default Re: Pacman Frog is hard with eyes closed

    Your frog may be dead, but there's not enough info here to tell. As far as I'm aware a frog won't start to aestivate like that overnight right after eating (I don't aestivate mine so someone with experience doing that may have more info). Can you post a picture of the frog?

    When you say 'rock hard' do you mean her skin was tight or actually hard? Did it seem like there was a layer of hard mucous covering the skin?

    Also, answer the questions from this link so we can get a better idea of what may have caused that.
    3.0 Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
    1.1 Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus
    0.1 Ceratophrys cranwelli
    1.0 Litoria caerulea
    0.1 Terrapene carolina
    0.1 Python regius
    0.1 Grammostola rosea
    0.0.1 Brachypelma smithi
    0.1 Hogna carolinensis

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