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Thread: How to best clean sand substrate?

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    Default How to best clean sand substrate?

    I have 2 adult male ACF in a 20 gallon long tank with a Tetra Whisper ex 20 filter and sand substrate. I love having the sand, but have a really difficult time cleaning my tank. Right now, I am using an eyedropper to suction out garbage at the bottom of the tank but it takes forever and I can never get the fine particles. It leaves my tank always looking messy. I was thinking about investing in a gravel vacuum, but have never used one. Would it suck up too much of my substrate? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: How to best clean sand substrate?

    Get one of the wider diameter gravel water vacuums that empties to pail (not the long Phyton's or similar) and it should clean sand without sucking much of it. Then once you empty pail of water; can recover most sand and return to tank. That the way I cleaned my salt water tanks in the past .
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    Default Re: How to best clean sand substrate?

    if its a smaller tank i use a turkey baster and suck out contaniments in or on the sand. I us it for my 10 gal Axie tank and my 10 gal frog tank but not sure if it works for anything above a ten so yeah,sorry.

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    Default Re: How to best clean sand substrate?

    Either of the above ideas should work fine.

    I have a 55 gallon with sand and I use a cheap gravel vac I got on fleabay for about $10. It came with a filter sock or a hose so you can use it and remove water or not. The filter sock fell apart after a few use so I replaced it with a panty hose sock. It seems to trap more junk than the original. It does suck up some sand but now that I've practiced I can clean the entire tank and only remove about a tablespoon of sand.

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