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Thread: How to give plants nutrition while still safe for White's Tree Frog?

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    Default How to give plants nutrition while still safe for White's Tree Frog?

    So I just decided I really wanted to get my year-old White's dumpy some live plants for a change. I'm really not sure of the proper way to introduce them to the tank though. I've heard I have to dump out and rinse off all the soil they came with (from Lowe's- fittonia, prayer plant, and bromelaid) and re-plant them in froggy-friendly soil. But what type of soil is good for both plants and the frog? I'm having a really hard time finding this out. I don't want the soil to be harmful to my frog, but obviously there's also got to be some type of nutritional value to the soil to sustain the plant's health. I've always used T-Rex Jungle coconut substrate for him, but would that be adequate to grow live plants in as well? Or is there some sort of frog-safe nutritional additive I can add for the plants? Please help, I want both happy and healthy plants and frog.

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    Default Re: How to give plants nutrition while still safe for White's Tree Frog?

    Hello and welcome to FF ! Get ABG (Atlanta Botanical Gardens) soil type mix at Josh Frogs or make your own. Plenty recipes if you search forum.

    Can use an aquarium plant fertilizer like Seachem Prime Flourish to fertilize plants if needed. Plant natural fertilizer in tank will come from frog poop as it is processed by the tank janitor crew (springtails, etc.).
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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