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Thread: questions about wood to use in a american green tree frog setup

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    Default questions about wood to use in a american green tree frog setup

    i went to a local petco today and got a 18x18x24 zoo med tank. on clearnce for 50 dollars. was a return nothing looks wrong with it. so i decdied i would upgrade my 2 american green tree frog tanks to this a huge jump in size then the 12x12x18 i have. i want to use branches for them to climb on. after spending the money on the tank and such i did not want to pay 10 to 15 dollars for what they sell at the pet stores. we just trimed out albizia julibrissin tree. kind of a anoying invase tree in califorina :/ but anyrate if i clean the branches with anti bactria soap stick them in the freezer for 24 hours should they be ok? i have them drying in the sun as we speak probaly take a week or so been like 105 f to 110f here. also i got this plant which i indify as pixie butterfly plant. grows like crazy frogs love to sit and croak on the leaves. is there other plants i can add mayby some color like plants that do not grow as tall that would be ok in this new tank? i use zoo med echo earth as my substrate with small rocks at the bottom gravel basicly i use that so that extra water do not stay in the soil. i also use frog moss as a cover. thanks for the help everyone.

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