Ok Guys and Girls

In a few weeks im going to get a 60x60x90 exo terra for my white tree frog and this is the first viv ive set up so any tips and help will be most greatful.

ATM my plan is to have clay balls in the bottom about 30mm then soil then live moss. center piece is going to be i nice piece of drift wood (was going to be a waterfall but think that`s out of my league atm) with some sort of vines going up. Plants no clue what plants to put in so this is were i really need help would like a orchid and some ferns and a couple of climbers but please guys help me out here. I`m thinking a heat mat on the side.and not sure what lighting to get yet. Mistking or exo terra frogger/monsoon. Was told i can set this up so i really dont have to clean the tank out at all by putting some worms in the soil and tropical woodlice would be nice if this was true.

any help would be great

many thanks