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Thread: My tank setup(s)!

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    Default My tank setup(s)!

    Well, I thought it would be interesting to see how my tank has transformed through the past couple of years. I originally bought this tank as a fish tank. Well after constant problems with the fish tank, fighting with it over a year, (tank crashed 3 times with decease or fin rot and/or ick, despite everything I tried) I decided to give the fish up and I made a hermit crab tank. That set up turned out cute, but I NEVER saw the hermit crabs hardly ever. So that got pretty boring just looking into a seemingly empty tank. Kept the hermit crabs for about 9 months or so and after doing a lot of research, I decided to get fire belly toads. I decided to go with these because I wanted something hardy, that can tolerate colder temperatures. The tank is kept in my room, and at night I run my AC unit it my room, so it gets pretty cold. Expecially in winter. The temperature stays stable inside the tank though, but wanted to get something that can tolerate colder temperatures as well and fire belly toads fit. I have almost had them for a year now and I LOVE them. They are soo fun to watch, they each have there own personality, I have just really enjoyed them and wish I would have gotten them sooner!

    So this was my tank when I had my fish. I did love it, just got tired of the heartache after so many problems with it.

    After I took down the fish tank, I set up the hermit crab tank. I rearranged it a couple of times during the time I had them..

    And the best for last, this is when I first set up my fire belly toad tank! I've rearranged since then...this is what it looked like when I first set it up..

    And this is currently how my tank it set up! Not the fanciest, I did what I could since its actually meant to be a fish tank not a frog tank, but the frogs seem happy, and I love it!

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    Default Re: My tank setup(s)!

    Really nice photos on how your tank has progressed over the years....

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    Default Re: My tank setup(s)!

    Both of the frog set-ups look nice !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: My tank setup(s)!

    Nice set up for your FBT's! And FBT's are fun to have.

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    Default Re: My tank setup(s)!

    nice set ups. i love seeing the progression of tanks
    1.0.0 Oophaga Pumilio 'Black Jeans'
    0.0.10 Phyllobates Vittatus
    0.0.3 Phyllobates Terribilis 'Mint'
    0.0.3 Dendrobates Tinctorius 'Patricia'
    0.0.5 Dendrobates Leucomelas
    0.0.2 Dendrobates Tinctorius 'Powder Blue'
    0.0.2 Ranitomeya Variabilis 'southern'
    0.0.3 Epipedobates Anthonyi 'zarayunga'
    1.2.0 Phyllobates bicolor
    0.0.3 Dendrobates tinctorius 'azureus'
    0.0.1 Avicularia Avicularia
    0.0.1 Gramastola porteri
    0.2.0 Canines
    1.0.0 Tabby/Maine Coon Mix
    2.1.0 Genetics Experiments
    0.1.0 Bed Bully

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    Default Re: My tank setup(s)!

    This is great to see. I'm getting FBT on Thursday!

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