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Thread: Red eye tree frog tank size

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    Andrew exotics

    Default Red eye tree frog tank size

    Hey guys i currently have an empty 24x18x24 exo terra tank.I would love to have some red eye tree frogs in there but i was wondering how many? I was thinking 5?I already have one baby red eye and hes a teel blue and at night time hes purple is this bad?I was also wanting to possibly breed them if it isn't too difficult, is it fairly easy?thanks

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    Default Red eye tree frog tank size

    Hi Andrew,

    A 24x18x24" Exo is an approx. 44.88 US gallon sized tank. A general rule of thumb for averages sized frogs is 10 gallons of space per frog. You may keep between 4 to 5 red eyes in the tank. I have the same tank and I keep 5 in mine.

    The colors sound as though he is of Nicaraguan parental decent. Do you have a photo you could share?

    Breeding takes some time. You have to gain some experience with their basic care first. To breed them you'll need to build a rain chamber and learn how to mimic a change of weather with seasonal climate changes within the vivarium. They like to breed in the rainy springtime. I have spoken with many breeders but I currently only keep mine as pets. =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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