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Thread: Driftwood help?

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    Hello, I am planing to go to Whidbey Island this weekend and want to get some driftwood from the beach. What I wanted to know is, can I? I don't much about disinfecting, legality, and overall safeness about it for my frogs. I've herd to soak it, but I would like to be sure before I go putting "stranger" driftwood in my frog's tank. Their tank is a 18x18x24 (32.8 gal.), so it probably wouldn't fit, but I was just wondering.

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    Generally with driftwood, your best bet is to boil it for a while to kill any bacteria (or other nasty organisms) and then leave to soak for a while so that the tannins (if it's going to be at all submerged) and salt leach out.
    If it's too big to boil, you may wish to soak it in a weak solution of bleach and water for a while to kill anything living in it, then rinse thoroughly and leave to soak in fresh water.
    When you leave it to soak, change the water daily.
    Theres an article here that might help Driftwood Basics, I know it's for aquariums but there are similar steps involved in preparation.

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    Default Re: Driftwood help?

    I soaked mine from the ocean in slightly bleached water then soaked in clean treated tap water ( with dechlorinater in it) then dried in the oven at 200 for 1 hour. I dont put it in the water, just in case.I like it and the fbt climb on it no problems so far.
    Where is Whidbey island? salt, fresh water?

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    Default Driftwood help?

    If the piece is too large to boil, you can bake it. I have also used my BBQ to cure wood. Just remember that only hardwoods are safe. No pine, no cedar, no soft woods.
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    Thank you for all the answers, I'm hoping to go driftwooding on sunday!

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