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    I attached a picture of my frogs' tank. It is a 40 gallon tank and I have 5 fire bellies in it. I get moisture stains on the glass above the water line. I'm sure many other people have this problem as well. I have to use vinegar to remove it when I clean the tank. However, it doesn't stay clean for more than a week. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep the glass clear?

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    This happens to me after a few days. I use a paper kitchen towel to clean the glass, and it keeps away for a few days. It always returns because the water in the tank will vapourise and it will leave that kind of stains. Once a week I drain off 1/3 of the water, clean the glass with the paper towel and fill up the tank. During the week I fill the tank with a bit of water to the desired level, this way the stains will stay away (and also clean the glass with a paper towel) Hope this helps!

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