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Thread: Best moss for Oriental Fire Bellies? - Real moss or exo terra moss mat?

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    Mr Bee

    Default Best moss for Oriental Fire Bellies? - Real moss or exo terra moss mat?

    I have been using Lucky Reptile Vivarium Moss for the last year or so, but it always dies off and goes all brown and mushy. Then I had some little round clumps of what was described as "pillow moss" (almost like a flat cladraphora moss ball) which I got from the reptile show in Doncaster last year, but that recently got loads of white mould/fungus growing on which was spreading accross the moss, so I took them and the covered moss out.

    Really, as its all dead, all the moss covering (which is on top of eco-earth and hydroballs) wants changing, but I don't know if to use the same stuff again, or is something else better?

    What is the best moss for OFBT's, I cant remember if I heard sphagnum was good, or to be avoided!

    I was also looking at the exo-terra moss mat, which sounds good as it can be removed and washed, and as its artificial, won't die. The worry I have with live moss is as it dies, pieces come loose, and I worry about my frogs swallowing it as they attack and launch at their crickets.
    I've seen the posts on here about the exo-terra mat, but it seems that was an old design, has anyone got the new improved design to comment on if it is safer and soft enough for frog bellies?

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    Default Re: Best moss for Oriental Fire Bellies? - Real moss or exo terra moss mat?

    Ive seen in the vancouver aquarium java moss grown on the edge of
    water, it should remain soaking to grow on land successfully and will spread.
    Ive had success using wild shag moss from the outdoors, its usually beneficial
    if you get it from any herbicide or pesdicide free areas, ive had this moss in
    my terrarium for over 3 months and has they love it! but i must say that exo
    terra Forest moss poses an impaction risk.
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