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Thread: Taking wild amphibians as pets?.

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    Default Taking wild amphibians as pets?.

    I'm curious what the opinion on this would be?.
    For instance, I went on a backpacking trip recently and found an area teeming with small pickerel frogs. Pickerel frogs are a favorite of mine and nearly impossible to find captive bred it seems. Would taking one or two small frogs be harmful in a case like this?.
    Would these small wild frogs adapt to captivity or would they always be trying to escape and unhappy in a terrarium?.

    I suppose I'm asking in theory because I did not take any of them and probably won't be driving back later so I can hike in and catch a pet frog.

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    Default Re: Taking wild amphibians as pets?.

    I'm all for buying cbb rather then going out and getting a wc. But if someone is selling a wc animal that you can easily go out and get yourself with out paying then I would go that rout.

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    Default Re: Taking wild amphibians as pets?.

    If your taking froglets or tads it would be a very minor impact as most of if not all of them would likely die or be eaten long before they reach adulthood and breed.

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