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Thread: Need help for my fieldwork research

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    Default Need help for my fieldwork research

    Hey guys, im doing my research now about frogs so your vast knowledge bout them is a really big help. my research focuses in the assessment of anuran species in a selected area in my country. fortunately, i have now collected 3 species of frogs and im having a hard time to identify these creatures. please be kind, im new here. and if you would like to give some tips about how to find frogs in a well forested area, that would be very appreciated. thanks guys.
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    Default Re: Need help for my fieldwork research

    I believe the dark brown ones in the second and third pictures are Philippine Toads (Ingerophrynus philippinicus). As for the other ones, I've attempted to identify them, but there are 94+ different species of discovered frogs in the Philippines (and not all of these have common names).

    I hope you will be letting these frogs go very soon. If not, make sure you have provided them with de-chlorinated water, and keep the different species separated from each other. Their skin secretes toxins that can make other species sick.

    Also, when you release them, be sure that a) you are actually allowed to- check your area's bylaws regarding collecting wild animals and releasing and b) release them exactly where you found them.

    As for searching for frogs- tree frogs like hiding between leaves in trees and bushes. Toads often burrow.

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    Default Re: Need help for my fieldwork research

    thanks mate. after we take pics the species and have collected their morphometrics, we are suppose to preserve some of them like the philippine toads but not the rare ones we are not suppose to preserve, but anyways really thanks for the help. i hope that you could continue to help me in my next fieldwork and collection of other specimens which we cannot easily identify. thanks from the phils,.

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    Default Re: Need help for my fieldwork research

    Here is a list that includes links to individual descriptions (some with photos or can use name in another search)
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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