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Thread: HELP, food for american green tree frogs.

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    Exclamation HELP, food for american green tree frogs.

    I am a eleven day american green tree frog owner, and i am out of crickets. I got some suggestions to start a dubia colony, and at the time i didnt know what that was. So i looked it up, and found out that it was a roach colony. Only there is a huge problem there. I am hugely afraid of roaches. I cant even look at pictures of them without gagging. So there is no way that i am starting a roach colony and feeding them to my tree frogs. NO WAY.

    I am now trying to start a cricket colony, but haven't ordered anything. I live nowhere near a petsmart or petco, and nobody i know is going there soon. So i have to order something. Soon. So i did some research on to starting a cricket colony, i actually looked at this:Frog Forum - Culturing Crickets - Care and Breeding of the Common House Cricket but my only problem is, i dont need thousands of crickets, i only need to keep a smaller colony! Is there a way to do that, or do i just have to go all-out? Anyways, i am looking to spend the absolute LEAST amount of money possible, as i am a thirteen year old, and have to earn everything myself. I have permission to go into debt (with the bank of my mom) to get them food now. So should i just keep ordering crickets? or my friend's dad goes every two-three weeks, he gets some for her gecko and he could get some for me while he's there?

    And what is the cheapest website you guys have found for ordering crickets off of?

    I am in desperate need- i have to order SOMETHING today so it can get here.
    Remember- i am trying to spend as LEAST amount as i can. I am also trying to get 200 crickets., 1/2 inch.

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    Default Re: HELP, food for american green tree frogs.

    Buying small to medium sized crickets would be easier but field sweeping for food is also another option
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    Default Re: HELP, food for american green tree frogs.

    My 2 AGTF love moths, but I also feed meal worms and main food is red runner roaches. I used to be freaked out by roaches, but when it comes to nutritional value, softer exo-skeletons which means easier to digest, well I just got over it. Plus the red runners don't fly, climb smooth surfaces, make noise or smell as bad as crickets do. I get mine from
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    Default Re: HELP, food for american green tree frogs.

    Why not buy crickets from petco or petsmart? are they not in your area? what about any pet store.

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