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Thread: reptivite with d3 mixed with water

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    So I will give it Reptivite by itself. But being a milk frog of 5 months more or less, how many crickets must Iit eat? How many must I dust to?
    If you are only using one supplement for powdering your crickets it should be some sort of Calcium powder. Occasional dusted crickets with Calcium is a MUST, but a Multivitamin is COMPLETELY optional (and just like it is for people, it's redundant to use multivitamins if you already eat nutritious foods). You only need to powder crix with Calcium 1-2x per week, and non-dusted food should still make up more than half the diet. What's MOST important is what you feed your crickets before you feed them to your frogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristenmarie211 View Post
    First off, for those that don't know. If you mix reptivite with d3 with water and accidentally spill some on the meal worms you will kill them in less than a minute. Although I couldn't get my sick tree frog to eat it anyway (bloated and lethargic). Because I couldn't get my tree frog to eat it but he really needed calcium, I missed it with some water and put some in his mouth to. Hopefully help him improve. What happened instead is after a small amount, he seized and died. Why did this happen? I know it killed the meal worms but this stuff is meant for reptiles and amphibians. Can someone please tell me what happened or if they can shed light on the situation?
    First thing that needs to be pointed out is Frogs don't drink through their mouths (DUH!), so if you decide for force water+reptivite down his mouth you could potentially suffocate him.

    Also, you should never attempt force feeding Vitamin powder on its own, that could put a death sentence on a perfectly healthy frog.

    From the symptoms you describe, I'm almost positive that your frog was suffering from Edema. There are many different ways Edema can happen, one of the more common ways is kidney failure due to Vitamin Toxicity. Based on the fluid retention you describe this is the most likely scenario. Once the kidney fails its very unfortunate but there's not much you can do, I'm sorry to hear about your Frog. I hope this helps you figure out what might have went wrong.

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