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Thread: Is my frog sick?

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    Patricia Stewart

    Default Is my frog sick?

    I've had a female African Bullfrog since 2008 and for the most part, she has been nothing but a lump that eats. The last couple of days she has become more active and I'm in a panic over it because it is an unusual change in behavior. It is spring so maybe she wants a boyfriend? For the first time ever, she has been using the water side of her enclosure to go for soaks a few times a day.

    She lives in a 20L breeder tank on a stand. The tank has a frame built out of the mesh that covers office lights with then a finer plastic craft mesh over it. Over that is a mix of fine and somewhat chunky coco fiber. The chunky stuff is new.
    Then there are two large rocks which are the ramps down into the water part of the tank. The water is filtered through a Fluvial 104 canister filter and there is a small aquarium heater in there that keeps the water 80 degrees. There are a few live plants in the tank and there are grow lights mounted about 1.5 feet above the tank. The frog has been in this tank for most of her life. The fluvial 104 is relatively new, I used to just have a powerhead with a sponge filter. The canister makes the water 100 times cleaner. I recently replaced the old 11 inch Ebo Jager 50W heater in there with a modern submersible which is only 3 inches long. And then some of the coco fiber she had in there had deteriorated and she couldn't get a good buried going on so I added the new stuff which is chunkier than the old stuff. It is just a layer on top. The tank is open on top.

    Because the water always circulates and the poo and pee go into the water and are filtered I never have mold or fungus or anything, water test shows I could have fish survive in the water.

    She eats crickets, earth worms (the giant ones from the pet store), roaches and occasionally a mouse or rat baby or some defrosted bloodworms.

    She is eating well and made a very big poo a few days ago (probably from the rat she ate).

    Do I have reason to worry? Is she going to the water because she is lonely? I was watching a video about them last week and it had males calling, I don't know if she could hear that or not. Or do the get soaky and active when they are sick?

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    Default Re: Is my frog sick?

    I wouldn't worry yet. It's usually a lack of activity that should catch your attension.

    She is probably feeling the seasonal change and spring is when the breed. Any large amounts of rainfall and stirms will spark breeding behavior.

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