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Thread: WTF: What's the best way to clean the enclosure & keep humidity up?

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    Default WTF: What's the best way to clean the enclosure & keep humidity up?

    Hello, I've had a WTF for about a year now and there have been several things that have been bugging me. First off, I not entirely sure how and how often to clean her enclosure. Recently I got her a 18X18X24 tank, and I fear I will no longer be able to take the tank to the bathroom to clean. What I used to do was tear apart her tank and scrub the walls down with a Flunker's cleaning product before rinsing with hot water and drying. Is there a better way to do this? Second is how to clean all the accessories. In her tank, my WTF has a hollow plastic log, a plastic climbing set, two water dishes (one shallow and one deep), a mister, one of those bendable branches, and three plastic clumps of leaves. I've scrubbed the plastic log with a toothbrush and scrub the water dishes every few days, but I'm not sure if this is enough. What's the best way to keep my froggie's stuff clean?

    Another thing that is bugging me is the humidity. It seems like no matter what I do, the humidity won't stay up for long. I have a mister that mists once and hour for 45 seconds (except at night, the sound wakes me up), I hand mist about 3 times a day, and I have two water dishes, one of which is directly under the lights. On top of the tank, qbout half is covered plastic and the other half has the three lights on it, (Speaking of which is it safe to put hard plastic under the lights or will it melt?) So basicly I have a tank where the paper towels on the floor and absolutely soaked with water and a humidity reader that says the humidity is anywhere from 60-10%. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: WTF: What's the best way to clean the enclosure & keep humidity up?

    Seems like your cleaning routine is fine. As far as your humidity, are you using an analog (dial) gauge? Those are notoriously inaccurate. Do yourself, and your frog a favor and get a digital hygrometer. You can get them that show temp and humidity. They are so much more accurate.
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    Default Re: WTF: What's the best way to clean the enclosure & keep humidity up?

    It's a little expensive but well worth it, but I have a repti fogger attached to Zoomed hygrotherm. I just set the humidity to where I want it and it turns the fogger on and off as needed. The only time I really have to mist is if it's real cold outside and the house humidifier just isn't getting the humidity up enough.
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    Default Re: WTF: What's the best way to clean the enclosure & keep humidity up?

    Thanks for all the suggestions my humidity reader is one of those that you stick on the glass and the needle moves with the humidity. I'll look into getting some better humidity equipment.

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