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Thread: Dubia colony questions

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    demon amphibians

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    all the info on here is pretty good.

    although what i find works is cat and dog food soften with water and blended into a paste you can add anything to it such as carrots, lettuce i have used oats, rice, and gold fish flakes. they will go nuts over it. if you want increased breeding give them oranges. i noticed almost a double in then newborns just by adding oranges.

    i have many mouths to feeds so i am trying to get a colony of 50,000 when i reach that mark i will sell for 1/2 the price as any store you can order online from also i have high protein mash that i feed them that works great you can find them online listed as roach chow but it is actually chick feed.i have seen this go for 10 bucks a lb online from most stores. i can get a 50lb bag for under 20 bucks. so with purchase i will give that and water Crystals with each order.

    unfortunately i am only sitting on 10,000 right now with about 2000 babys a month so it may be a little while before i am ready to sell some off. once all the nymphs are mature i should be looking at 10s of thousands a month so if you catch me at the right time i might just give a bunch away. granted the shipping charge will be the only thing you will have to pay. leave me your email if you are interested and about 6 to 8 months from now you may get a email about free roaches by the thousands.

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    I only have 7 Pacific Chorus Frogs so your numbers are a lot higher than anything I will ever need. Might ask a friend if he wants to try them for his lizard seeing how the lizard is huge compared to the crickets he feeds it don't seem like much of a meal for it. Not sure if his mom will agree but who knows.

    If I can't get anything to start a colony this winter I will look you up later this year.

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    demon amphibians

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    well if you need any of any number just let me know. the more you get the more you save on the shipping but if you just want 100 of any size or less i can do that too. actually i will be able to do a few hundred sooner then i will be able to do thousands so it just might work out for ya the cheapest price i have found for 50 extra small is 11 bucks not including shipping that is just two roaches giving berth in one month. what a rip off wouldn't you say? it costs me nothing to breed that small amount. i do want to start selling for much smaller price then what i have seen but for you or your friend i can spare to give them to you.

    In order to convince your friends mom to let him keep them you would just simply have to give her the facts on them.
    1. They are not invasive, in fact they cannot breed outside of a controlled environment in the U.S. however crickets, mice and flys can breed in your house and survive very well.
    2 They cant climb i have not once had an escape. even when i drop them while handling or cleaning the bins they are far to slow to get away. on the other hand even if i buy crickets in small amounts they are always running around the house. i even find them weeks after not buying any.
    3. They do not smell, unlike any other live prey that i feed to my animals. 12 crickets stink 10 times worse then my colones of 10,000 roaches.
    4. They are better for the animals. I can name two types of food more nutritional for my frogs then the roaches and they are crayfish and goldfish, in which some of my animals have no interest in. not to mention they are very expensive if you plan on using as a staple.
    5. They are very clean insects. they don't carry diseases or parasites, unlike crickets even when purchased from a store you still have possibility of disease and parasites.
    6. They don't die off if you have the environment set up right.
    7. They don't jump fly or bite. even though males have wings i have not once seen one flutter off the ground. although I have seen them try and fail miserably.

    There are thousands of species of roaches in the world and a very very small percent is invasive. Even the area where they are native to they do not infest houses and are rarely ever even seen in houses. To summarize all in all these insects are with out a doubt the best alternative for live pray. For every reason. You hear about horned worms, silk worms, earth worms, locusts as good food and which they are but they are hard to find and expensive. If you play your cards right you will only have to buy roaches once and then you are set. You save money and your animals will be twice as healthy. For the other insects listed above they are best served as treats. And this goes with any insectivore you may own.

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