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    I'm planning on doing an egg crate/great stuff build, with a waterfall. And I want to use all live plants. My tank is a 75 gallon in the wall of my living room, for dart frogs, most likely a small group of D. Leucomelas or D. Auratas.
    I'm not sure what type of cleaning schedule this will require, or how to go about it? Can't really break this down and bleach it. Am thinking the poop will decompose and be utilized by the plants. I am planning on using a cannister filter under the false bottom for water filtration, and installing a powerhead to pump out water for partial water changes as needed. May add another powerhead for circulation under the false floor.

    Besides cleaning the glass, partial water changes, and carbon/biological filtration, is there anything else I am missing??

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    Well, if you empty all water after removing frogs, I'd rinse the bottom with hot water (no soap or bleach) then wipe it dry before replacing water. That is what I do with my aquarium plus everything you mentioned. I rinse my decorations also. Good idea to have a filtration system in your tank. I clean mine once a week (only 10 gal with 4 FB's) and I remove everything and rinse it. I love putting it back together! I have driftwood, treehouse, live and fake soft plants, pebbles and eco earth fiber substrate in flat round shallow dish, smooth rocks, terra cotta pot for hiding. Mine also crawl under dish and hide. I wanted a cave but can't find what I am looking for in our stores. I also can't find live moss anywhere. Hope this helps.

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