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    I recently was at Lake George, NY and found what I believe is an American Toad in a wood pile. It's about 2 inches long and very colorful. I took it to my house and set up a nice little place for it in an old fish tank. I put at least 5 inches of dirt in it and then topped it with a thin layer of coco fibers. I added a plant, a rock and some dead leaves. The toad (I named him Ed) already has burrowed a little bit into the dirt. My only question is what do I feed him and where can I get the food? I tried feeding him crickets and he didn't eat any. I got him only last night so it's not like he hasn't eaten in a while.

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    Buy fruit flies at petco and also post a pic so we can see the little guy and his setup put a bunch of sticks to make a mini woodpile for him and the reason he didnt eat is because hes stressed from moving put some fruit flies in there and let him eat in peace

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    Thank you, I just got finished setting up something outside and saw that he ate 3 bugs! His place is pretty big!
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    cute little guy

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    I hope you don't plan to keep him in that sand box, a crow or raccoon will sniff him out and eat him.

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