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Thread: How often do I feed?

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    Default How often do I feed?

    So, my whites tree frogs are about the size of a 50c piece, the guy that sold me to them had no idea on the age, all he could say Was that they look still young. I believe that they are juveniles, not sure how long into their juvenile age they are, but I read that babies and juveniles get fed every day, whereas adults get fed every other day, should I feed mine every day? And would I be able to be given an approximate age if that's at all possible?
    This is one of them ( and I know it looks like a white lip frog, but there is no white band on his lip, the position of the light made it look like it)

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    i am not sure exactly on this frog. i dont know if they will just keep eating until they are obese. but i keep crickets in my bowl every day for my frogs to eat and have never had a problem. they eat every night.

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    whites can suffer from obesity if they are overfed mine are a similar size to urs and im feeding every day small amounts about 2 or 3 crickets

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