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    Hey guy's, I know there are a few individuals that frequent this forum that must have tried to use that "Samurai Pacman food". I have a few questions!
    I intend to feed it to my pyxie frogs which are all tong trained, or rather, anything that goes within 2 feet of their face trained...
    order of
    PacmanFood of Samurai-Japan Reptiles - YouTube

    - A 4 oz bag lasts you how long, with how many frogs?
    -is the diet nutritious?
    -Do your frogs like it?

    I am currently feeding 8 adult male pyxie frogs. Dubia roaches are a joke, I have fed over 200 in a sitting and they remain hungry. That leaves me to a diet of earthworms, chicks and rodents. It is much more conveniant to feed off tongs so I wanted to give this stuff a try!
    Thanks in advance

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    It says "This Food is good work for Pixie Frog , Budgett's frog etc…." I assume it will do well since this is an all in one food source from baby to adult and so on. I'm actually tempted to pick up a 4oz bag and try it out to add some extra varied diet. Though only my pyxies will accept tong or live my pacmans will only eat live prey in the tank.

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