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Thread: New Green Tree Frogs Concerns.

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    Default New Green Tree Frogs Concerns.

    Hi guys, thanks for taking up the time to read this.

    I've recently just bought 2 new green tree frogs from the pet store nearby. Currently they are housed in a small tank 20x20x25. I know its a little too small but i'll be getting a new one for them over the weekends because my current work schedule forbids me from going to another location during the day. I have a few concerns and hope you guys can help me with it as i plan to build a new terrarium for them - 30x30x45 size.

    1) My frogs usually seem to be sleeping when i reach home about 7pm all the way till 1am when i head to bed. I was cleaning up the tank yesterday and one of them seem scared of me when my hand goes near and would go hide under the space of the tree log inside. They are usually inactive too at night, 1 is usually on the leave not moving but looks like he is sleeping and the other one prefers hiding. Should i leave them alone for a couple of weeks so that they may not be stressed and get used to the environment? i'm really worried about this and wouldnt want to stress them.

    2) Is the size for the new terrarium sufficient? I read that the minimum should be a 10 gallon tank but some other sources mentioned 20 gallons.

    3) What do you guys do for those who set up a false bottom for the terrarium? I understand that the false bottom is for drainage purposes, so do you leave the bottom of the tank untouched till you need to clean it? And if you do siphon water out, how do you do it? Like how water is siphoned from a fish tank?

    4) I read that sphagnum moss is not very good and will be using coco fibres for them. Is this right?

    5) Do i need to check the humidity levels or a heating pad? Currently located in Asia where it is sunny everyday if where i live matters

    I'm really new to keeping these two cute frogs and want the best for them. So your advices will be appreciated. Any other tips for keeping them would be nice. Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: New Green Tree Frogs Concerns.

    Hello there. If you can see my thread below this same sub-forum, I too am from Singapore. It appears that you have not read a care sheet. There is one here on frog forum, PLEASE read it.

    Your new terrarium is too small. 20 gallons for one frog, 10 gallons for each consecutive one. Are your dimensions in cm or inches? I am assuming cm here.

    Be sure to quarantine your frogs as you are doing now hopefully on moist paper towels, providing hides, climbing material.

    These frogs are nocturnal, they are only active at night. They are not hamsters, and will not positively react to your touch. Frogs are "see no touch" pets. Read the care sheet.

    Sphagnum moss is slightly acidic and can cause impaction if accidentally ingested. The latter is likely fatal. However, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. If you feed the frogs off the sphagnum moss, they will likely be fine.

    If you wish to use coco fiber, get a fine mixture. Frogs should be able to pass it out.

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