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Thread: advice for feeding a picky pacman

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    Default advice for feeding a picky pacman

    I am new here to this site and would like some advice for my frog friend.Name:  IMG_0006.jpg
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Size:  95.2 KB. my pacman has always been a picky eater. my pixie will eat whatever i put in front of it. I have tried crickets but they are difficult to keep still with tongs. He doesnt favor dubai cockroaches and those are also difficult to pick up with tongs. I have been successful with frozen mice and superworms but i am afraid of impaction. I have heard of people using night crawlers? I wanted to know what the nutritional benefits are if i were to switch from a diet of mice and superwoms to a diet of mice and night crawlers. I was also wondering where i could start looking so that i can start my own vermiculture. online or a bait store? Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    I got my night crawlers at Walmart and my Pacman loved them. Look for the unscented ones.

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