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    I have a 75G tank that I'm going to use for a planted terrarium. It was intended for White's, but long story short that didn't work out, so now I am going to put my African Fat Tail, Walter, in there. I made a removable styrofoam background before I joined the forum so I did not know about the other types of backgrounds that could be used. I also did not know about drainage layers and the background is about 2 inches at most from the top of the tank. I bought Featherlite to use for a drainage layer (which needs to be about 2 inches deep from what I understand), so that means the substrate is going to kind of bury the background a bit (which I'm not crazy about, but shame on me for not knowing better) since that also needs to be about two inches.

    The background was originally intended to have a waterfall through it (blue line) and it would drain into a large water dish and them be pumped back up to the top, but I scratched that idea after the water wouldn't fall back into the dish correctly. There are 3 areas for planters (red circles) and there is a built in hide (yellow arrow). The styrofoam was coated in several layers of grout, sealed with Shields All, painted with acrylic paint, sealed again, added some hermit crab sand to add traction and break up the shine, and then I put a layer of silicone over the areas that were likely to be wet often (the planters, inside the hide, the whole bottom 4 inches).

    Are there any suggestions for good plants for a fat tail? I have a picture of some of the plants I already have (I may not use all of them). And I'm not sure I will even use the wood. It kind of looks like grapewood, if it is then I definitely wont use it. Also, the current tank Walter is in has a heat mat (in addition to heat lights) and I wanted to use one in the new tank as well since she seems to love it, but with the drainage layer I'm thinking the heat wont even be felt. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and sorry about the glare.

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