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    What do you guys feed? Any good cultures for these guys? Any wild sources of food besides moths? Im worried about using roaches becuase I am not sure if you can feed them the adult roaches. I dont want to be stuck with a ton of adult breeding roaches lol. Well anyways thanks guys!
    I set up an awesome 20H paludarium for these guys about a month ago, let it cycle for two weeks and now ive had them for about two weeks haha. I love these little guys. I'm mostly into planted tanks but I figured I'd try something new and I love it! My main forum is
    I'll post up a picture or two of it tomorrow.

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    I feed crickets, butterworms, Phoenix worms and waxworms. I am not sure about roaches-never tried them.

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    Any good cultures though? Thats my main focus.

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