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Thread: Adding moss from backyard

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    Default Adding moss from backyard

    Hi, I'm keeping my first frog and I thought it would be cool to spice up his terrarium with some natural moss from my backyard. Would this be safe? I wanted to ask before adding anything foreign from my yard.
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    Default Re: Adding moss from backyard

    I’d advise against using anything from your yard as there are too many possibilities for contaminants and pathogens. It’s also a bit of a process to get moss to grow successfully in a terrarium. (Lots of light and moisture and patience) Serpa designs has some informative YouTube videos on the subject worth checking out if you’re interested. Glass box topicals sells a moss mix which works pretty well under the right conditions.

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    Default Re: Adding moss from backyard

    It depends on your backyard. Are there pestisides used? If not, then rins it, then put it in the freezer for a couple of days to kill off any creepy crawlies. I have never had any problem withg either moss or leaves taken from safe places outside.

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    Default Re: Adding moss from backyard

    Agreed. I collected some thick moss from the very back of my yard that isn't treated with anything and just rinsed it well. I added it to the log hide and it has been growing well there (misted daily). I also collected some moss covered rocks to place in the tank after rinsing well. They've been in place for half a year with no issues and no new bugs in the tank. Just be careful where you collect from and rinse well.

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    Default Re: Adding moss from backyard

    I used to do this but after having problems with nematodes I gave up on wild from home accessories and plants. I have had too many problems and it's something someone should consider seriously before they do this.

    There is still a risk with stuff from the yard maybe not from pesticides but microscopic parasites.

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