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    Default Repashy Calcium Plus...

    The directions say to dust with every insect feeding... whidh is how I've been feeding my aproximately 9 month white's tree frog (3 crickets every other day, and one undusted red wiggler once per week). However, a friend mentioned dusting every cricket feeding is too often and once a week would suffice.
    Also, does anyone reccomend an aditional/alternative supplement?
    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Repashy Calcium Plus...

    Dusting the food only once a week is the way to do it. Too many vitamins/minerals can cause a frog to get sick. Also, to answer your second question, no other supplement is required; just make sure the powder you're using to dust the feeder items includes calcium and vitamins/minerals in it. Hope this helps!


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