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Thread: Sexing green tree frogs

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    Default Sexing green tree frogs

    I just got two of these guys a week ago and just wondering if there is a way to sex these frogs. i have heard some calling in the terrarium but i get up to see who it is and it stops.

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    Default Re: Sexing green tree frogs

    They may eventually feel safe enough that they will keep singing when you look. I know whenh a lot of my frogs start calling for the first time, they have a tendency to shut up if I moved to look at them. But after a while they become bolder and won't care if you're looking. When my red-eyes went into the breeding chamber for the first time, they wouldn't shut up, even if I put my hand there with them. My male tomato frog started singing while I was feeding the tomatoes. My fire-bellied toads will even call if they are in my hand.
    So just give them time to get to know you and realize you are not a threat.

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    Default Re: Sexing green tree frogs

    its funny, 5 minutes after i posted this on the forum one of them started to call and i happen to be right by the terrarium and saw it. now im just wondering if the other is a female.

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    Default Re: Sexing green tree frogs

    These are pretty easy to sex - hold the frog behind the forearms and lift up its head - check the throat area for (a) dark colouration and (b) if it has a vocal sac.
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    Default Re: Sexing green tree frogs

    sweet than it appears i have a male and a female. without even trying.

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    Default Re: Sexing green tree frogs

    @ JC,
    So if they do have the vocal sac & dark colorations, are they male or female?

    Also, I just added another gtf today, it is already made itself @ home in the enclosure... lol

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