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Thread: Azureus Too Young?

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    Hello there, I just bought two Dendrobates Azureus They are quite the little frogs. I'm not sure about sizing, but to me they look like froglets. I bought them from a vendor at the Midwest Reptile Show. They didn't say how old the frogs were, so I assumed they were old enough to buy. They are both around the same size, one being a tad bigger than the other. One's name is Vuze (like the Torrent client), and the other's name is Slippy (Star Fox ). This picture I'm posting is Slippy. I had moved them into my vivarium from the tupperware they came in, but the pond is too deep. They like to hang out by the water but I fear that they will drown. The water is at least 4 inches deep. Here is the picture, let me know what you guys think. I have no idea how old they are, but it occurred to me too late that they may be too young to go into the vivarium. I got them out earlier and they're back in the tupperware with moist paper towels and Sphagnum.

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    What do you think? To me it looks like its only been out of the water for 3 or 4 weeks max.

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    Hate to do this, but BUMP. I need some help please :/

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    Default Re: Azureus Too Young?

    They should be fine putting into a viv but I would have a feeding station set up (a piece of banana) to attract the fruit flies and have a central place to eat. Do you have a coco hut or anything for them to initially go to? they might not use it at all but it may give them a place to initially go and hide before finding their own spots.

    You can add some gravel to the bottom to reduce the depth of the pond or a large flat rock.

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