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    I have two American toads which I have raised from tadpoles and they are currently about 1.5 years old. Yesterday I noticed that one of the two seemed to have injured his leg, as you can see from the photo, he is holding it out to the side, like his knee is dislocated or something. The toads are sometimes a bit antagonistic towards each other lately, mostly trying to eat each other rather than their food when I feed them. I'm worried that the larger toad may have sat or fallen on this one, and hurt his leg. I've placed the injured toad in his own container, and it doesn't seem changed since yesterday. Any recommendations or should I just try and take it to the vet?

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    Maybe the larger toad did something like this to the smaller toad's rear leg:

    It could also be a bacterial infection, but either, I'd take him out and keep him in a quarantine tank to avoid further damage (if in fact it's from the larger toad), of spreading of a disease (if that's what has caused this).

    A vet is 100% needed at this point.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for the advice! I figured the vet was the only recourse, but figured I would check first. We went to the vet and did x-rays, and it turned out to be a dislocated knee. The vet was actually able to pop it back in, but he will probably be a bit gimpy from now on. I had already been working on a bigger terrarium for them, so I will just keep them separate from now on.

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    Weird - I found a wild baby fowlers toad with this exact problem. Seriously, the leg was held out EXACTLY like this and was unable to move (the leg) other than twitch it. It did ok, was able to swim and hop and burrow, however awkwardly. I dont think it can be cured, but it is probrably not lethal. My toad may have had a disease/parasite causing it or maybe it just got injured. I released it though after a few weeks. I would keep it and try to heal it (or deal with it) Good luck.

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