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Thread: Viv questions and separate feeding

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    Default Viv questions and separate feeding

    Well, now that Pocket is really showing to be on the upswing of things...I want to get his new home set up! Currently, he's in his "hospital"'s only 5 gallons big, I put him in there when he was sick b/c I was able to get the temperature and humidity where it was supposed to be. I have it 3/4 with eco earth, half with plain paper towels that I put the water bowl over. I HATE the eco earth. It's so messy, it just cakes him. Is there another substrate that I can use that won't make him so dirty?? Also, since I'm able to keep the temp and humidity SO much better with this tank.... Can I keep him in there? Keep in mind, he's only about the size of a golf ball right now. I think there is plenty of room for him now. I don't keep anything else there since from what I have heard it's better to keep things plain. I have a side heater from zoo med on there....and, I also have been using my human heating pad on the side to keep things really warm for him. I don't' use lights... I have had zero luck with all that I have tried, I'm incredibly confused by them and basically use regular UV bulbs for all my frogs and get the heat from the side heaters in all my frog tanks. It doesn't dry things out like crazy like I had with all my other bulbs. It doesn't help that my apt is sooooo dry now that my heater comes on.

    Also, I didn't feed Pocket his booster tonight. Instead, I put him in a kritter keeper with 4 crickets. I feel like my getting him out of his little burrow he made is just stressing him. How do you all feed in another tank without stressing him by moving him? He won't eat from tongs unless I pry open his mouth. I think he's strong enough to start eating on his own. I want to encourage it. Please help me!

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    Default Re: Viv questions and separate feeding

    Hi Lizzie, seems you have a good list of issues. Lets see if I can help.

    1. Set-up - I would get him in at least a 10gal tank. I tend to do plastic 15qrts tubs, they retain heat better.

    2. Substrate - Eco Earth is by far the best substrate. Even though it makes your frog look dirty and you cant see his beauty, frogs will stress out if they cant hide. Also, if your frog digests it accidentally it would do any harm.

    3. Lights- I have no clue, I dont use any.

    4. Feeding - I never move my frog to another tank to feed. It would stress him out and maybe stop him from wanting to eat.

    Overall, I think your lil buddy is stressed out. Let him hide in his substrate. We have to mimic his true environment. This guys are stealthy ninjas, attacking without notice.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Viv questions and separate feeding

    Well Liz to be honest you worrying about him being dirty is kind of silly. They are burrowers and this means dirt. So they are going to get dirty and that's completely natural for these frogs. Kind of selfish if you risk stressing your frog by not allowinng him to do what comes natural just so you can see his pretty colors. You can see their colors in full splender right after they shed so you do get to experience that. Eco Earth is supposed to be the best and safest substrate for these guys that you can buy despite the issues that I've had and others. I still believe it is best. When it comes to lights for heat you want to buy a lamp with a dimmer switch so that you can control the temp and light output of the bulb. 50 watt max/25 watt minimum. UV lights are fine as long as they aren't too bright. They don't need UVB because those reptile bulbs are to help the metabolize calcium by producing D3 naturally through the body. They get there D3 from the calcium supplements that you use that contain D3. Also all UVB lights are fluorescent and they don't produce a lot of heat and are usually too bright. Plus they can't be used with a lamp that has a dimmer switch.

    A 10 gallon tank is fine. Use the Eco Earth or Plantation soil. They are both Coco fiber. They are safe for the frog if accidentally ingested during feeding. Since your little guy seems to get upset over handling and force feeding I would let him feed in his home. Keep an eye out to make sure he is actually eating his food and it isn't just burrowing in the substrate. If he doesn't eat continue force feeding. When he's recovered he'll eat. You could use the tub idea as well. A lot of people have kept their Pacs in these and have done well. To help with humidity cover half the screen top with a damp cloth or cover with plastic wrap. Make sure if you decide to use plastic wrap and a lamp don't place the lamp over the plastic. Could result badly. Especially if it gets really hot. Tossing the substrate helps with humidity too. Mist as you toss it and the soil will release moisture into the air of the enclosure easily.

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