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Thread: How often to feed?

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    Default How often to feed?

    Should i feed my young pacman daily, i don't know his exact age but was hatched this year, he is just under 2 inches long. Up till now i have fed daily, but someone told me it should be alternate days.


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    Default Re: How often to feed?

    Your pac's still growing and in my opinion you can feed a growing pac daily, especially in the beginning. It depends on what and how much you give him on a daily basis. Allways keep an eye out for obesity of course.

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    I fed my PAC daily until he hit about 3", which is his current size now.

    I watch him closely. It depends on if he poops and his current belly status. If he looks full or bloated I give less, smaller soft body crickets. If he looks normal I let him eat his usual large crickets, usually 4. 5 or more seems to constipated him now.

    He did get bloated about a week ago so I warm water soaked him for a half hour and he "went". Then I gave him only a small meal of 3 of the 1/2 inch soft bodied crickets that night and he has been fine ever since.

    At 2" Tank was eating about 3, sometimes 4, large crickets a night and pooping daily or every other day with soaking daily. He soaks by himself right after he eats every night.

    I have heard you can feed them as many as they take in in 15 minutes when they are little. That did not work with Tank. He LOVES to eat and will not stop when his belly looks over distended and full. After monitoring him day after day I have been able to see what works best for him.

    So at 3", he usually eats 4 large crickets a night if he poops. Calcium/D3 powdered every other day with a pinch of herpivitamin once a week, with a nightly soak, and he's been just right .

    Did that help? =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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