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Thread: 2x Frog ID's

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    Default 2x Frog ID's

    Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, but I'm pretty idnorant about frog subspecies.

    Could anyone I.D these frogs I snapped in the Korean mountains?

    After my rudimentary research I think the 2nd one is an Oriental fire-bellied toad. The 1st one, I can't find any info on

    Any help would be great

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    Default Re: 2x Frog ID's

    Rana chensinensis maybe? That's a huge maybe.

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    Default Re: 2x Frog ID's

    The green looking blisters on his body. Is that normal?

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    Default Re: 2x Frog ID's

    The first one is some kind of Ranid. Exact species I am not sure. The blisters don't look normal to me - I think that frog is either sick or it has an affliction of some sort. The second frog looks to be Bombina, but I don't know if it's a B. orientalis. I admit to very limited knowledge of Asian species names and ranges.
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    Default Re: 2x Frog ID's

    The second frog is most likely Bombina orientalis. The first frog is a mystery and I am sure the green patches are not normal. Here is a link with a list and photos of the amphibians of South Korea:,+Republic+of
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    Thanks for your help everyone.

    Looks like the first one is still an enigma then. maybe it's a Rana chensinensis that's been discouloured by it's illness, as indicated by that gnarly green stuff on it.

    Other than Rana chensinensis, I can't see anything in the Asian amphibian list that looks like it. weird!

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    The Green things seem weird to me to, maybe a parasite or a disease that is common around your place?
    You might just ask a researcher that is specialized in you're area.

    My guess would be it is a Rana huanrensis.
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