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Thread: How long in the grow out tank?

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    Default How long in the grow out tank?

    I still have my 7 spring peeper froglets in a 10 gallon grow out tank. Right now they can easily find food and water. They are still super tiny although they are growing rapidly lately (they were smaller than my fingernail, now they are about twice the size of it, they jump around too fast to get a measurement). I am going to be moving them to a 29 gallon tank. At what age would that be appropriate, I'm afraid of them not being able to find their food and water easily or not eating from the stress of moving when they're still so small. They are about 8 weeks out of the water right now.
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    Default Re: How long in the grow out tank?

    If the grow-out tank still works, I wouldn't move them at all. If you find they escape easily or they foul the tank too quickly, then think about moving them.
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    Default Re: How long in the grow out tank?

    I second that.If its not broken why fix it.

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