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    Re: Repti fogger malfunction

    Sorry to hear about your frog. The reptifogger is a fairly simple machine, there isn’t much that could cause a chemical smell, unless it was an electrical short and had a distinct electrical burnout...
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    Re: Worried about my new little Pac-Man

    Frog is most likely fine, they are built to withstand quite a bit. Since he immediately went for food after, he probably wasn’t in pain from the fall. But be careful, learn to use a very firm but...
  3. Re: My first Pacman, Slippy! (What morph is he?)

    Looks about like a normal green Cranwelli, but the green that’s still showing through is very bright, and the rest is a bit on the light side, so he may be a peppermint crossed with an albino, but I...
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    Re: is my baby pacman okay?

    Totally normal, they molt their skin on a fairly regular basis, but if his skin was looking dry you may need to up the humidity a bit.

    i would also put the heater on the side of the tank, they try...
  5. Thread: Gloves?

    by Thevacantface

    Re: Gloves?

    Blue nitrile gloves are good, brand doesn’t matter. I would still recommend rinsing your hands once you put the gloves on, no matter the type you get, lots have coatings so they don’t stick together...
  6. Re: Strange substance/ growth on Pac-Man frog?

    Take the frog to the vet
  7. Re: My Pacman Frog just died, what did I do wrong?

    First few things I am noticing, and also fill out the information from the “trouble in the enclosure thread”:

    your frog looks very thin in the body for a Pacman.
    the substrate appears to be quite...
  8. Re: How wet is to wet for the substrate?

    You’re pretty good on the moisture, should be somewhere in the neighborhood of being able to clump it in to a ball, it breaks apart easily, and where if you really try you can wring out just a little...
  9. Re: Help! Pacman hasnít eaten or pooped in about a month

    Fill out the information from the “trouble in the enclosure” thread. Personally it sounds like an impaction, if his issue started right after he had a Dubia that was too big for him. Might require...
  10. Re: Is filtered water from refrigerator ok to use?

    Chlorine is a fairly volatile substance, it will dissipate to the atmosphere or bind to other substances if you let the water sit for a couple of days. Heating it will speed the process. ...
  11. Re: Is filtered water from refrigerator ok to use?

    I would still recommend treating the water. From speaking with a water purification engineer who works for 3m, many municipalities are now starting to use chloromines in their treatment systems...
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    Re: Baby Pacman Questions

    From the video, he looks very skinny, maybe it’s just a refraction from the water but he should be very round in the mid section. If he ate a fish the day before there is a good chance he is somewhat...
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    Re: Quick concerns for Albino frog

    They are much more sensitive to UV light than the normal frogs. I would recommend just using ceramic heat emitters, especially if you are receiving some natural exterior light in the room.
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    Re: Albino Ornate Pacman?

    It definitely has Cranwelli in it if not full blooded, but there are a few things on him that look reminiscent of an ornate. Never heard of cranwelli/ornata hybrids, but could possibly be a thing. ...
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    Re: pacman frog morph ?

    What’s the typical feeding rule, however much they want in 15 minutes twice a week. As a growing frog it should be that every two or three days. Mine as adults are eating 3 large night crawlers a...
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    Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Good catch on the droopy jaw for MBD. A single horn worm or dozen crickets in a week is a very small amount of food for a growing pacman. One of mine that came from a big pet store had the same...
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    Re: EMERGENCY - Pacman Frog closing eyes?

    Vet trip, though him closing his eyes, especially if trying to bury himself, isn’t a big deal. If it’s too dry they try and go under, after they have had a big meal they do too, or if it’s too hot...
  18. Re: worst nightmare BROKEN BONE/SHARP POINT FROM SIDE

    If it's the frog's left side, then it's the stomach. My guess, based on the link you provided is that the frog ate something that was sharp or hard that poked through the stomach and is now trying to...
  19. Re: worst nightmare BROKEN BONE/SHARP POINT FROM SIDE

    Provide a photo of the problem, easier to diagnose. The likelihood of a bone broken in that way is extremely small, look at a photo of a frogs skeletal system. If it's a protrusion on the frogs...
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    Re: Pacman frog's upper lip swollen?

    The vet i use is very prestigious in the exotic animal world. Went to the vet the first time it happened, had a couple of lumps on it's face , they lanced on and it was a hard mass they couldn't...
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    Re: Pacman frog's upper lip swollen?

    Had something similar on one of mine, most likely thing I could find was the frog likes to bury it's poop and then dig in right next to it. Make sure your dirt is clean, the frog isn't sitting on...
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    Re: Feeding gifs

    Use nightcrawlers, the regular earthworms are sometimes distasteful to frogs, and you don't want to cause him to have an aversion to a great food source like nightcrawlers.
  23. Re: I think there might be something wrong with Tinkerbell's face

    Not sure when you can really tell gender on them, especially with malnourishment and stunted growth, some of the classic signs might be diminished. My pacman is female, but is the size of a typical...
  24. Re: I think there might be something wrong with Tinkerbell's face

    Looks like an edulis, which have a kind of goofy face to begin with, but I have a pacman with a similar condition who was severely malnourished for the first 6 months of it's life, resulting in...
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    Re: Never again

    Always keep these guys separated. I had my tortoise who is about 6-7 inches out cruising around on the floor and the frog who isn't any more than 4 inches in his house on the low shelf was going...
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