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  1. Thread: Breaching

    by HoppingMad

    Re: Breaching

    Tadpoles regularly come up for gulps of air as they get older and begin to develop lungs. This is perfectly normal, although if you become worried about oxygen levels, you can add a gentle bubbler or...
  2. Re: Question(s) about supplimenting for frogs

    Thank you! I don't know why I didn't come across that forum before, but its very helpful. I just fed the froglet with the multivitamin today and it seem to be doing OK. Your figuring is along the...
  3. Re: Question(s) about supplimenting for frogs

    I don't want to seem pushy or anything, but I kind of need an answer. I've started feeding the froglet, but I only put the vitamins on the first time I fed it. If nobody knows, please just give me...
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    Re: Is this a cut? Please Reply

    If what you're talking about is the darkish spot in the fold of the frog's leg on the right, it looks like the spot is just a piece of mulch (or something similar) from your substrate. My frog always...
  5. Question(s) about supplimenting for frogs

    I raised 6 grey tree frog tadpoles to metamorphosis and released all but one. I set it up in its own tank that, in my opinion, looks great. It still has a tiny nub of a tail left, so its not eating...
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    Re: Help, grey tree frog bloated sick

    I don't know anything about baytril, but since he seemed to get better when you took him out of his tank, maybe you should keep him out. It could be something in the tank like a fungus or a certain...
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    Grey tree frog with deformed foot

    So I am raising grey tree frog tadpoles, and four of my 6 became tiny little froglets. Sadly, one died after morphing, for some reason, but the others are very healthy. One of the remaining 3...
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    Re: Hi everybody!

    I know about 50 of them are green frogs. They are old enough that you can see their body structure to tell what species they are. I also raised them from eggs, so I saw that their egg mass was that...
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    Re: Parasites in Gray Treefrogs

    Most parasites, to my knowledge, live in frogs' digestive tract. I think the only way they could pass them on is if a froglet was eaten by a clawed frog, or for some reason the clawed frog ingests...
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    Tree frog eggs?

    On July 23, I found some small frog eggs in my uncle's fish pond. I, being the unprepared idiot I am, didn't bring a camera to take a picture of the full egg mass. I'm going to do my best to describe...
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    Hi everybody!

    So, I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while, but never actually made an account. I recently ended up with at least 80 tiny tadpoles of varying species (I keep them in large containers and...
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