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  1. Help! I need to identify these strange spots on my WTF

    :(Hey all!

    yesterday I noticed my female WTF has developed some discoloration on her back and I quickly moved her to the quarantine tank. I️ think it may be acute fungal infection, or some sort of...
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    Re: Can Tree frogs have issues hunting?

    My two WTF really dislike when I use eco or coconut substrate- it sticks to them, gets in their mouths when they hunt, and conceals the crickets easily.
    Frogs don't have the best eyesight- but are...
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    Re: Pacman Frog is Stressed

    In general for all animals, and from the experience of my frogs, take a while to get settled in a new environment.
    Stress will go down with good husbandry and keeping activity around his tank to a...
  4. Thread: My fat frog

    by Bronzino

    Re: My fat frog

    Looks normal to me- that type of "hood" isn't uncommon tho normally develops later in life.
    I also would suggest continuing the diet and keep and eye out that the extra skin doesn't get irritated. ...
  5. Re: Funky spot on my good buddy Rubeus. Any tips appreciated! :)

    On second look at the bloat- he is very round, treatment for edema is recommended

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  6. Re: Funky spot on my good buddy Rubeus. Any tips appreciated! :)

    Great pictures! So adorable but does look a little bloated/cubby

    I know that pet stores often over feed WTF so definitely some can be fat. I was just given a new guy from a pet store bc no one...
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    Re: WTF size requirements for cohabitation

    Thanks Elly! Leon (my new frog) has been living alone for a few months and has been healthy so I assumed that quarantine was probably not necessary-

    They seem to be doing alright - no aggression,...
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    WTF size requirements for cohabitation

    Hey! I recently was given a new WTF because he had been stranded at a pet store for too long. he is about the same age as my female WTF so I agreed to take him home, assuming they would be similar...
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    Sticky: Re: How to display your photos/pictures here

    Having the same problem-
    really wish this could get fixed
  10. Re: Advice from some experts please! Whites Tree frog owners

    He seems like he is doing great- just growing a lot recently and doing much longer jumps too!
  11. Advice from some experts please! Whites Tree frog owners

    Hey all,

    I have a really wonderful Whites Tree Frog, super cute and has a great personality- I've had him for 3 months now and he seems happy and healthy - EXCEPT he recently has been shedding...
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