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    Lighting and more

    Thread Starter: techiecappydog

    Does the American toad require any special lighting? Also does the coconut fiber need to be Moist all the time or not? Thank you Sent from my...

    Last Post By: techiecappydog 8 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Help! White's Tree Frog - Not Eating.. Sick?

    Thread Starter: Rezmay

    I have had this frog for 2years now and recently he seems sick. Symptoms: He was jumping at the glass and constantly climbing on the glass. He...

    Last Post By: Frogman1031 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    "Starfire" pacman

    Thread Starter: hisk

    Hey all, here and there I've been seeing references to a "Starfire" pacman morph. Like this. Does anyone know anything about these? I don't...

    Last Post By: John 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Pacman questions

    Thread Starter: Dan0263

    I've a couple of questions that I'd like answering please. Can PM frogs jump? And...can you keep 2 of very similar size together? I think I...

    Last Post By: Dan0263 15 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Pacific Forest Toad?

    Thread Starter: MiWi

    Hello! I observed a presumably Pacific Forest Toad Incilius aucoinae in lowland tropical rainforest near Esquians Forest Lodge in SW Costa Rica on 22...

    Last Post By: John 9 Hours Ago Go to last post

    can toads eat fly larvae?

    Thread Starter: Kingbooglyboo

    I was wondering if my 2 baby eastern american toads and my boreal chorus frog can eat some housefly larvae that i found in my garbage. i was also...

    Last Post By: Kingbooglyboo 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Geriatric Fire Belly - sick, or just old?

    Thread Starter: taothefrog

    Hi there, I've had a fire bellied toad (named Frügi) since I was in 4th grade. Considering I'm turning 30 next year, it's safe to say hat he's had...

    Last Post By: taothefrog 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Help Identifying? - North Texas Frog

    Thread Starter: plu7o

    Neighborhood kid thats seen my animals brought a little critter over Monday, looked pretty bad as it had been in a freshly shocked pool for probably...

    Last Post By: Kingbooglyboo 11 Hours Ago Go to last post