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    Larry Wardog

    75 Gallon PA Woods Vivarium (Toads & Skinks)

    Thread Starter: Larry Wardog

    This is the new thread for one of the most popular builds on this forum. Thanks for all of the support with my last build housing Northern Leopard...

    Last Post By: Larry Wardog 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Why do wtfs change color?

    Thread Starter: ddawgs3

    I think its because of change of moods but my green one changed to brown. And my other one changes from brown to blue?

    Last Post By: elly 17 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Toad too fat?

    Thread Starter: Animallover3541

    I have a female toad that is insanely huge, and I’m wondering if she need to lose weight. I rarely have a frog hat I don’t end up having trouble...

    Last Post By: Animallover3541 16 Hours Ago Go to last post

    I'm Getting a FROG Soon!

    Thread Starter: Taako

    Hello, I'm Ellie. My username is Taako because that will be my frog's name. I'm hoping to get a green tree frog. So basically I'm getting a frog...

    Last Post By: jarteta97 15 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Worried about my white's tree frogs

    Thread Starter: noodlebread

    Hi, I'm not completely certain if I'm posting this correctly, but I am very worried about my two juvenile white's tree frogs. I am completely new to...

    Last Post By: elly 17 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    Thread Starter: noranh

    I have had my whites tree frog for years now. He used to eat crickets but in the past year or so we switched to feeding him mealworms w/ tweezers....

    Last Post By: noranh 20 Hours Ago Go to last post


    Thread Starter: flint2416

    Ok so I have a minor problem that i need help with. So im in highschool and i badly want a frog. Idealy a whites tree frog as i hear they are super...

    Last Post By: gablikesfrogs 19 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Starry Reed Frog or Blue Back Reed Frog

    Thread Starter: AquaticKat

    I cannot make a decision on which kind I want. What do you all think?

    Last Post By: AquaticKat 18 Hours Ago Go to last post