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White Foam in the Tank? (water conditioning question too)

This is a discussion on White Foam in the Tank? (water conditioning question too) within the Fire Belly Toads (Bombina) forums, part of the Frogs & Toads category; So excited to find a place with a specific forum for all different kinds of frogs... hoping to learn a ...

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    Default White Foam in the Tank? (water conditioning question too)

    So excited to find a place with a specific forum for all different kinds of frogs... hoping to learn a lot, ^-^
    anyway the purpose of the board:
    I've recently started finding white foam in my Fire Belly Toad enclosure. since they're supposed to be really sensitive to chemicals, this is a big concern... it's kindof like a flat soapy foam, not really large and bubbly, you could mistake it water foam, but unlike water foam it doesn't go away and clings to whatever gets in it... it's a ten gallon with a water filter, about four and a half inches of water. it contains some rocks from outside but I boiled them and they're supposed to be limestone free. I noticed some gave off a steady stream of air bubbles when placed under water, so I removed those just in case, the others don't seem to do anything odd though, any one know if it could be limestone? 0-o
    the rest of it is glass aquarium rocks from the pet store, again these should be safe, especially considering they came from the pet store for aquarium purposes >< I clean them by placing them in the boiled water after it's had time to cool some, once it's not hot enough to burn the skin, but is still pretty hot. and I use that same temperature for the plastic things, all of which came from the pet store too. apparently plastic has a really high melting point, so I don't think it should be causing it to give off chemicals.... :/
    the filter has a slimy coating on the outside I can't seem to get off, and I find it on the plants sometimes, but I'm thinking it's probably natural, from the frogs or something,
    I clean the glass itself with really hot water and white paper towels, don't have any unbleached, but I was told this should be okay. there's also a kindof powdery-looking white stain on on the sides, but you can't get it off without hard-core scrubbing it with a toothebrush, so I can't get it off and I can't imagine it could be the issue... originally it'd take a long time for the foam to occur, but now it starts almost immediately. no-one I talk to seems to know what it could be or has ever had this issue... :/
    since we live in the mountains I keep them in our upstairs bathroom, which is our warmest most consistent and insulated room; I hand clean it the old fashioned way with no chemicals so that they can't get in the enclosure, and we haven't been using any air fresheners or anything. >^< since there are just three of us now the only thing it was used for was showers, and I did wonder if shampoo could be carried by steam some how, but that seems a little odd and even the showers have stopped in that room now and it's still happening, so I don't know what it could possibly be :/
    does anyone have any suggestions? has anyone-else even had this problem?

    as for the water conditioner question, since I'm already making a board:
    the person at the pet store told us distilled water actually pulls the nutrients OUT of them, and that we should use spring with AquaSafe.... ( does anyone know if there's truth to that? ) my dad brought some home today and I added it into the large tank, but she told me to add till it turned a blueish tint, I've added several large squirts and it's still clear >< and it smells awful but I guess that's normal?
    Is this enough, and if it's over the dosage, will it harm them?
    I've read the only thing it could do is pull oxygen out from under the water effectively suffocating fish, but since Fire Bellies stay on the surface and on land I figured that much shouldn't be a threat.. will it cause any other nutritional problems? and do I need to add any other liquids to the spring water to make sure they're getting the nutrients?
    I'm really nervous about changing the water I've been using with them all of a sudden, especially since the one is so fragile right now.. >^<

    additional stuff:
    over the winter I had to move my two fire bellies into a smaller enclosure for both some traveling purposes and to enable me to move them near the fire when our power went out and it got cold. they seemed to do decently well but just before the end of it I accidentally took the plants out during a feeding and left them and my smaller of the two got really stressed. in hopes of keeping him from dying my dad headed to the pet store to see if he could get any extra help. we put the plant back in, and are moving the less-stressed one that's been bullying him back into the large aquarium so that he can have the little one to himself for a bit till he chills out.
    I want to be very careful with him and make sure he gets as many nutrients as he can, any advice would be really great, thankyou >-< <3

    tank info again:
    ten gallon, about four and a half inches of water, tetra waterfall filter, the really big one; I can get the name of it if needed I think, but since we're trying to sell the house it's kindof hard to find the box ><
    if any other info's needed please ask;
    and ofcourse again there's also a little white foam, but that's been in there awhile, it always comes back no matter how much I clean the enclosure, and I'm not sure what it is or how to get rid of it :/
    thanks so much for everything, appologies for the long post XD;

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