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At first, i really liked nexium. its super easy to use and its nice to be able to forget about it for 3 weeks. i could feel it every now and then but it wasnt uncomfortable, just there. after one month, i ended up with the worst acne on my back and chest that i have ever had in my life. the acne was so bad, i almost thought it was a reaction. i took nexium out and within a week, my skin was clear again. i didnt have any other side effects besides the acne, but acne isnt something i can deal with. im switching back to pills. by domenic from la grange, nc
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Ive been taking nexium now for about 4 years, i havent had any side effects that i can tell but after reading others experience of memory loss, that could be one that i do have. i take the maximum dose that is prescribed now and i cant say enough about this medication. i was so totally lost, severe depression, suicidal, lowest of lows, it was so bad, i couldnt get my ducks in a row (my mothers comments to me, daily). now, im feeling in control of my life, im back with my spouse and caring for my mother, whos ducks have scattered about, and im living happily. by quinton from ringling, mt
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