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Worried about my White's Tree Frog!!

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Hey, I am new here and was wondering if any of you guys had helpful insight about my concerns.

My white's tree frog is seemingly healthy: active at night, eating/pooping regularly, no lethargy or excess soaking. I am concerned because tonight I noticed a couple spots of discoloration which i circled on the pictures I've attached (he's had the white/brown freckles all his life, not worried about those). While observing them in his terrarium they were whitish so I was worried about bacterial or fungal infection but when I took him out to get a closer look they were more pinkish. They look like they could just be mild abrasions from a crazy night of parkour around his tank but I don't want to assume that and have it turn out to be a potentially fatal issue. Any ideas??
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  1. clyde's Avatar
    Maybe the frog poked his skin with a branch or something can you check his branches for pointy spots? If you think it is bacterial or fungal you might want to take him to the vet just to be safe.


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