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  1. I am going to try again. Once they are all healed. They did rough themselves up a bit in the rain chamber.
  2. I wish I could make it to the NEHS meet, but a family illness has got me running in circles, and I suspect it will be that way for a while.

    I'm sorry to hear that the breeding project was a no-go, and keep me posted if you decide to give it another shot. I still wish I could have taken on one of those adorable, itty bitty red eye tree froglets that I got to see from your batch.
  3. The collection is fine over all. Lost a few in the past month (2 blue darts, a tiger salamander, a two rubber frogs, and a two-lined salamander). Tried breeding the blue-webs but got no where and the female got a bit roughed up, so I am waiting until she heals so I can try again.

    How's things with you? There is an NEHS meeting this Sunday if you're interested.
  4. Hello! I'm back to poking around the forums for a little while. (Hooray for free time!!!) How's the collection doing these days? Any fun new additions I should know about?
  5. Congrats on the axolotls!
  6. She's doing well. They all loved the rainstorm we had here last night, that's for sure. Sigh. Despite my best efforts, I'm setting up another tank to raise 3 juvenile axolotls that I accidentally bred and deliberately kept. So much for "no more tanks." (I've also set up a breeder tank of red cherry shrimp, but they don't count, since most of them will become axolotl food, eventually.)
  7. Welcome back. It's great to see you. How's the big-eye doing?
  8. I'm back!!! Hooray for a summer full of online procrastination! Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.
  9. We missed you.
  10. It's really awesome to be back. I missed this place.
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