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  1. i bought the little man ( Evra ) Sunday! And I love him! I want to use him for photography ( I'm a model) Art and for educational purposes. Now getting back to Evra. He came from a very well know. Local pet center. A worker ( a family friend ) Was boasting about how good of an eater and how healthy he was. I picked him up a couple times to transfer him into cages to take pictures and to do a photoshoot. All was under ten minutes. But evra hasn't even began to touch the half dozen crickets in his crate! All he does is hide in the plants I have for him! I know that's typical but that's all he does! The lady told me I didn't need a heat lamp or a humidity lamp. I spray Evra twice a day thoroughly. And as of now I have a tiny hermit crab light and the top of my betta fishes cage light over top of the greenery inside his cage. Why won't he eat? Is he full? Am I stressing him out? Or am I over reacting?! Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything <3
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