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  1. Is my toad fat? If so what to do?

    Hello~ I joined this community to get some help with my American Toad, Chubs. He isn't actually a girl but I prefer to call her a him because I originally thought Chubs was a boy. Anyway he seems really lazy now and seems to be getting fatter under the chin. Please help I'll see if I can post pictures.
  2. My Pacman is a piggy

    My Pacman frog, Noel, is a piggie. She eats about 4 or 5 crickets if given the chance in a sitting. Mind you I do give 2 full days between feedings as she usually rejects food if too soon. I'm actually glad she doesn't just eat and eat like a dog does, her rejections of food help me to know when she's hungry and when she's not.

    When I first got Noel she ate 2 crickets every day or 1 super worm. She was, at first, about 1 inch from nose to bum. Now she's over 2 inches from nose to bum. ...
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  3. New to Fire Bellied Toads!! Need help!!!

    I am new to the fire bellied toads I have two concerns. I had someone give me a 4 year old fire bellied toad and when I brought it home I read and I have educated myself A lot from reading things on the internet .. So I read they do better in groups of two or more so I went to petco and bought two new, younger ones but they are the same size of the fire bellied toad that's 4 years old that was given to me . He/She is a dark olive color and has been ??? and I also noticed it started to get "fat" ...
  4. New Zealand Green Bell frog care

    Ribbet ribbet
    I'm a new frog and tadpole owner and I just wanted to know as I have 1 frog now if my tank is set up OK?
    Is approx 3cm water in the bottom too much? Can the frog drown?
    There's raised places for the frog to rest?
    Does anyone have any tips for catching flies?
    Thanks in advance
    Croak croak
  5. Help! Sick toad

    I have been an American toad owner for 10 years. Recently an unknown disease/illness has invaded my terrarium causing one of my oldest females to pass. My male is now showing the symptoms she had shown. I separated him and cleaned the tank to avoid further spreading. I love these toads so much, losing my female was heartbreaking. I will do anything to prevent it from happening again. I have tried seeing a vet but even he did not know what to do. I have called conservation places, zoos, ...
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