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  1. Lovey has some poo problems

    Hello! My name is Granger . I own to Grey Treefrogs, caught in the wild (North Texas) about 9 months ago at the time of writing this. My two frogs, Lovey and Leapy , are very healthy and eat well a large portion of the time. (2-4 crickets a day for each frog) Lovey occasionally has poops that are not very solid, but not quite like diarrhea . Her behavior has not changed at all. I have not changed her diet or cage. (Besides switching to finer coconut shavings for the base.) ...
  2. Identifying behavior

    One of my FBT is less active than usual and I can't discern his plumpness from bloating. Neither him nor my other toad have been responding to food. Should I be concerned about their health?
  3. pacman frog

    hi i am new to this so i hope i have the right place my name is cyndi i have a pacman got him in febuary this year he hardly eats not growing i have yo force feed him i got the powder food and he snubed that i have given him honey baths no poop also he id fat and belly is squishy what should i do
  4. Need Colorado river bufo a. Toads

    Anybody have any Colorado river toads (bufo a) or know a good place to aquire some?
  5. Uh Oh. Gonna have babies

    Baby toadlets in the adult tank. I was told not to house the babies with the adults. But it's the best environment for them.

    Sorry the first is blurry. It's my most micro toadlet riding on the head of an adult.

    everyone likes fruit flies!
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