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  1. Need Colorado river bufo a. Toads

    Anybody have any Colorado river toads (bufo a) or know a good place to aquire some?
  2. Uh Oh. Gonna have babies

    Baby toadlets in the adult tank. I was told not to house the babies with the adults. But it's the best environment for them.

    Sorry the first is blurry. It's my most micro toadlet riding on the head of an adult.

    everyone likes fruit flies!
  3. Light Blue Spots on Green Tree Frog

    I have an American Green Tree Frog who is about four years old, that I know of, maybe older. Today I noticed that he has small light blue spots on his back and the yellow stripe on the sides of his body are turning the light blue. The spots aren't too defined like the normal yellow spots are, the edges of them are more blurred. He only eats crickets from the pet store, his humidity and temperature of his tank are almost always perfect, and he has the proper lighting. His behaviors are normal as ...
  4. Axolotls Eggs for Sale!

    My female wild type axolotl and my male golden axolotl recently produced a clutch of eggs. Both were captive breed. There are around 100 for sale. Prices are 25$ for 25 eggs and 40$ for 50 eggs. Please send me a private message or email me at if you are interested.
  5. Young ACF's mating

    I'm new to this blog, so I hope I'm doing this right. I have 2 young African clawed frogs that I got when they were very small, about the size of ADF' them about 3 months ago. They are healthy and active and about 2 to 3 inches long. They amplexed about 2 weeks ago, produced eggs and everything. We were quite surprised, as I read that doesn't usually happen till at least 9 months. Today, they DID IT AGAIN!!! Just wondering, is this normal? Unusual? Oversexed, lol?
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